DeLaval wins 2015 RABDF Prince Philip Award

The dairy equipment and herd management systems supplier DeLaval is the winner of the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmer (RABDF)’s Prince Philip Award for 2015.

 The award recognises research and development in the field of dairy farming and the most practical, relevant and best technical exhibit at the annual Livestock Event. The company was presented with the RABDF Prince Philip Award by His Royal Highness at Buckingham Palace last week.

The Swedish multinational business, which operates in over 100 countries, is part of the Tetra Pak group of companies. Its UK arm is based near Cardiff.

 “We feel honoured and privileged to win this award for Herd Navigator, a new dairy herd management system that is designed to provide producers with an enhanced overview of their entire herd, whilst offering information on individual cows,” comments Kieran FitzGerald, VMS solution manager at DeLaval.

“Herd Navigator represents a quantum leap in the development of proactive herd management with equipment for making in-line measurements in the milking system. Based on measurements of four central parameters in milk and with sophisticated results processing in biometric models along with other herd and individual cow information, Herd Navigator will assist the farmer in taking preventive measures within reproduction, udder health - mastitis, feeding and feeding-related conditions.

“Herd Navigator also offers 95% heat detection, plus information on reproduction efficiency and prolonged anoestrus leading to reduced open days together with ketosis and mastitis detection.”

Dairy Spares was awarded an RABDF Certificate of Merit for its Moover exhibit at the Livestock Event. The product, designed and manufactured by the Dorset-based foot trimming business Moowell, is an orthopaedic cow shoe that alleviates pressure on a damaged claw.

“The RABDF Prince Philip Award is for innovations in the field of dairy farming - the industry benefits greatly from such R&D developments by supply companies like DeLaval and Dairy Spares,” states RABDF president Professor David Leaver. “The new products developed by these companies clearly have the potential both to increase the productivity of dairy farming in the UK and improve our competitiveness in the global marketplace.”