Risk-based approach reduces RL varieties for 2016/17

The latest Recommended List of Cereal and Oilseed varieties for 2016/17, the first under AHDB rather than HGCA branding, has seen a varietal clearout. 

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Winter wheat

There are nine new recommended varieties, while 14 have left the list.

RGT Illustrious (RAGT Seeds) is provisionally recommended for nabim Group 1.

KWS Barrel, KWS Basset (KWS-UK) and Spyder (Senova) join nabim Group 3).

There are five new hard group 4s - KWS Silverstone, KWS Siskin and KWS Crispin, plus Belgrade (Elsoms Seeds) and Graham (Syngenta Seeds).

The varieties leaving the list comprise: Cubanita (Syngenta), Panorama (Limagrain UK) and KWS Cashel  in Group 2; Delphi (Senova),  KWS Croft and KWS Target, Icon (RAGT Seeds), Monterey (Senova) and Invicta (Limagrain UK) on Group 3 and the soft group 4 types Twister (KWS), Cougar (RAGT), Beluga (Senova), Alchemy (Limagrain) plus the hard group 4 Conqueror (KWS).

There are no new spring wheat recommendations, but the Group 1 Paragon (RAGT) and Group 2 Ashby (KWS) leave the list.


There are five new winter barley recommendations, with four departures from the list.

The varieties added are the two-row malting candidate Craft (Syngenta); the two row feed types KWS Orwell and Surge (Syngenta) plus the six-row feed varieties Bazooka and Belfry (both Syngenta).

The removals comprise seven malting types - Sanette, Vault, Quench, NFC Tipple and Optic (Syngenta); Deveron (Limagrain) and Moonshine (RAGT) plus four feed varieties: Shada and Garner (Syngenta), Tesla (Limagrain) and Rhyncostar (Agrii).

Spring Barley - there are five new varieties, with 11 removed from the list.

Of the additions, four are for malting - Laureate and Fairing (Syngenta), KWS Sassy and Origin (Limagrain), while Ovation (Limagrain) is a feed variety. Laureate, KWS Sassy and Origin are under test for brewing and malt distilling.

The varieties removed from the list are the two-row feed type Saffron (KWS) and the six-row feeds Daxor, KWS Meridian and Escadre (all KWS).


Winter oats - Two additions – Maestro (Senova) and RGT Lineout (RAGT), with Rhapsody and Balado (both Senova) deleted.

There are no new spring oat recommendations, but Monaco, SW Argyle and Lennon (all Senova) plus Husky (Saaten Union) all leave the RL.

Oilseed rape

The East West oilseed rape list sees six varieties added and eight removed.  Alizze (UK) and Windozz (RAGT); Angus and Wembley (LSPB); Elgar (Elsoms Seeds) and Amalie (UK specialist) (Limagrain) join the list.

The varieties removed are DK ExPower (UK), DK Camelot and DK Imagine CL (DeKalb); Cracker and Sesame (LSPB), Compass (DSV); and Fashion and Vision (Senova).

For the North region, five are added and three deleted

Alizze (UK) (RAGT); Amalie (UK specialist) (Limagrain); Barbados (KWS), Nikita (Limagrain) and the HOLL variety V324OL from Monsanto.

The varieties leaving the list are DK ExPower (UK) (DeKalb); Boheme (Syngenta) and Artoga (Limagrain).

The full AHDB RLs are on http://cereals.ahdb.org.uk/varieties


The new Pulse variety Recommended Lists from the Processors and Growers Research Organisation for 2016 feature three new pea varieties and two beans.

Of the combining peas, Kareni (Senova) is a new addition to the white-seeded pea category with a P1 recommendation. Kingfisher (Limagrain UK) is provisionally recommended for the Large Blue group, with Campus (LSPB) gaining full recommendation and Bluetooth (LSPB) moving from P1 to P2 recommendation.

There are no new Maple peas, but Rainbow was removed by its breeder.   Aikido (LSPB) joins the marrowfat varieties with a P1 rating, while Neon was removed from list by its breeder, and Bibao withdrawn from candidature. 

Bumble (Wherry & Sons) a pale hilum type, is added to the winter bean list with a P1 rating.  Buzz was removed from the black hilum (feed bean) category, and Thor and Saracen withdrawn from consideration by their breeder. 

Lynx (LSPB) joins the spring bean RL with a P1 provisional recommendation, while Pyramid and Babylon (Limagrain) are moved to the outclassed category.  Tic bean Maris Bead remains fully recommended, its 51st year on the list.

Full RL tables can be downloaded at: http://www.pgro.org/index.php/recommended-lists-2016