NFU calls for Govt help over flooded farms

The NFU is calling for urgent government assistance for farmers affected by the effects of extreme flooding in the North of England which are disrupting production, essential supplies and collections.

“Members have reported major incidents such as landslides which have wreaked havoc with their farmland and power cuts which have made running the business almost impossible,” says NFU president Meurig Raymond. “They have raised concerns about scheduled dairy collections and animal feed deliveries which may be lost.

“We also have reports locally of cereals crops being destroyed, cattle being moved to higher ground to prevent huge losses to livestock and sheep lost to the flooding in some areas.”

In response to Monday’s Government pledge to make restoration of power and transport networks a priority Mr Raymond adds: “We strongly urge support for those of our members with fallen stock disposal, who require urgent repair to flood damaged property ‎and help with feed delivery and milk collection. We need government and agencies to make it easier for farmers repairing flood damage to land, walls and fences, and to remove rubbish and debris, which is a threat to livestock welfare.  In the longer term, we need more resilient channels and bridges able to cope with rapid run-off.

 “We also call on the Rural Payments Agency to urgently look at helping those farmers severely impacted by the flooding where BPS and ELS/HLS payments have yet to be made. We are asking for the government to make partial payments be made for those affected immediately.” 

Posted on December 8, 2015 and filed under UK Policy & Regulation.