Adisseo and Novozymes work on non-AGP poultry product

Two multinational feed additive manufacturers have joined forces to develop a non-antibiotic growth promoter (AGP) in poultry, which they hope to have on the market within 12 months. A pig feed additive could follow.

Adisseo, headquartered in France but owned by the Chinese Bluestar Group, is working with Novozymes, the Danish biotechnology business specialising in enzymes and microorganisms among other products.  The partners intend to develop and market a probiotic growth promoter for poultry, which they expect to launch within a year.

The collaboration will utilise Novozymes’ proven technology base in enzymes and microbes, together with the Adisseo expertise in amino acids, vitamins and feed enzymes. Specifically in the joint probiotic project, Novozymes will be responsible for the in-vitro screening, development and production aspects of the project, with Adisseo managing the in-vivo testing, marketing and sales functions.

The companies point to growing concern over the development of microbial resistance to antibiotic medicines in human health, and consequent pressure to limit the use of antibiotics in agriculture, particularly prophylactic treatments. This is increasing the demand for sustainable alternative products in livestock production. Probiotic products, based on naturally-occurring live microbes, are already used as a feed additive to improve the gut flora of pigs, poultry and other animals. These additives enhance animal growth and feed utilisation and have associated health benefits, thereby providing a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.

The joint Novozymes and Adisseo new product will be based on beneficial bacteria that promote weight gain and limit development of unwanted bacteria in the digestive tract, say the partners, leading to better feed conversion. The initial development work will be tailored for a poultry product, but the pipeline can be expanded to produce probiotics additives for both poultry and swine.

“The world needs new solutions to feed a growing global population in a sustainable way. We are developing a probiotic that can help farmers meet that need,” says Helle Warrer Poulsen, vice president of animal health and nutrition at Novozymes. “Adisseo shares our vision of bringing innovation and science to the field of probiotics and offers great expertise and capabilities in feed additives. It is a promising new area for Novozymes where we can leverage our know-how in microbiology, fermentation and animal feed.”

For Adisseo, chief executive Jean-Marc Dublanc adds: “Adisseo is constantly investing, either organically or through strategic partnerships, in innovations to help our customers optimize livestock performance while reducing environmental impact. The decision to enlarge our specialty portfolio with probiotics was therefore a natural one, as was the choice of Novozymes as our partner.”