DLF in Irish grass and forage seed JV

DLF-Trifolium, the world’s largest producer of grass and clover seed has formed a joint venture with the Irish seed wholesaler Seedtech, part of the Arvum Group based near Waterford.

The new wholesale business, DLF Seeds, is based at Seedtech’s offices at Ballymountain in Waterford, with Paul Flanagan as general manager. The JV combines DLF’s global leadership in grass and clover breeding with Seedtech’s local research, development and wholesaling capabilities. The change will see investment to expand and develop Seedtech’s existing seed trialling and selection operation in Ireland.

The new business will provide Irish distributors with leading grass and forage varieties and mixtures, developed using the latest technology, plus a pipeline of new and improved varieties for launch over the next few years.

Arvum has a number of partnerships with AB Agri businesses, including KW and Trident to supply moist and alternative feeds for ruminants alongside the full AB Agri monogastric feed range. Arvum also distributes Koch fertilisers in Ireland. The Seedtech business distributes seeds of all the major arable and forage crops, plus energy crop varieties.

“This is a really exciting time for all of us serving the Irish grassland farmer,” Mr Flanagan observed at the recent DLF Seeds company launch. “With markets in China and the US opening up to our beef exports, the abolition of dairy quotas and the government’s well publicised commitment to increasing dairy output by 50%, new technology that can deliver higher grass and forage yields will become increasingly important.

“Our aim is to develop and introduce superior, well-adapted grass and forage varieties and mixtures to help farmers achieve significant yield increases, which in turn will increase farm profitability.”

DLF-Trifolium director of R&D Tony Strickland added: “Conducting local trials and selecting varieties to meet the very specific requirements of the Irish farmer, climate and market has always been a key strength of Seedtech. Marrying this with DLF’s breeding lines will speed up the introduction of new varieties to help farmers meet the challenges of the new Irish farming marketplace.”

Posted on June 12, 2015 and filed under Company News, Seeds.