First Tilbury exports for new cereals campaign

Frontier Agriculture has dispatched its first export cargo of the 2015/16 crop marketing campaign from the Tilbury export terminal. The consignment is the first under its exclusive strategic partnership with the Port of Tilbury (ATN January 16th) that came into effect on July 1st.

“On the same day that we officially took control of the grain terminal at Tilbury, we sold our first boat, very much demonstrating our commitment to growers in the South East,” notes Frontier wheat trader Marc Rogerson.

The cargo, comprising 6,000 tonnes of feed wheat loaded onto the Aasfjord vessel, is destined for a customer in Rotterdam. A proportion of the wheat was sourced through the grain storage co-operative Camgrain, which changed to Frontier as its marketing partner from the beginning of July.

"Frontier’s strategic partnership with this export facility provides perfect access to export markets for Camgrain members,” says Frontier’s head of grain pool marketing Simon Ingle. “Our marketing team and sector leading logistics operation are now able to supply new export opportunities which were not previously available."

“We are delighted that Frontier is now fully on board as our long term strategic partner at Tilbury’s grain terminal,” adds Peter Ward, senior asset manager at The Port of Tilbury. “The terminal is one of the UK’s largest for both export and UK markets. We are excited about this partnership with Frontier and the opportunities that this will bring to growers in the region, consumer customers and to the grain terminal itself.”

Looking ahead, Mr Rogerson says the UK has a large carryout from last season after an underperforming 2014/15 year for exports.   “Working with Tilbury means that we are able to offer a range of new markets and strengthen our position in terms of global exports. We have the insight to look where in the world the value is, and can base our trading on that knowledge, generating the best possible returns for growers.”

He also notes a significant global demand for milling wheat, which favours growers in the south east of England. “We have trade links to consumers in every importing continent, opening up new options for the region’s farmers. As well as all grades and quality of wheat and barley, we can export beans and pulses for the human consumption market in North Africa and beyond.”

Posted on July 23, 2015 and filed under Commodities, Company News, Top Story.