Global feed fats JV for Volac and Wilmar

Volac International, the feed and dairy ingredients business headquartered near Cambridge, is to build on its longstanding joint venture with the Asian agribusiness Wilmar. The new collaboration that aims to develop the supply of added value feed fats for dairy, pig and poultry feed manufacturer customers around the world.

Wilmar, based in Singapore, is Asia’s largest agribusiness with interests in oil plant growing and processing, grain milling, sugar refining, and the manufacture of specialty fats, oleochemicals, biodiesel and fertilisers.

The two companies have been working together since 2003 as Volac Ingredients SDN BHD (VISB), based in Malaysia. This business produces the Megalac-branded rumen protected fat, which is also made under license in China.

The new business, Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients, is equally owned by both companies and started trading on July 1st. Directors say it combines the nutritional reputation, global brand and sales network of Volac with the operational efficiencies, raw material logistics and scale of Wilmar. The company will market an expanded range of feed fat products under the Mega brand, all of which will be responsibly sourced through an industry-leading sustainability approach. The products will be made in existing plants, although the longer term intention to increase global manufacturing capacity. The partners are not revealing tonnages yet, apart from saying output will be significant.

“Volac believes that responsibly sourced feed fats will play a key role in sustainable livestock nutrition in the future, and therefore it is expanding its fats business as part of the company strategy,” says managing director of Volac Animal Nutrition David Neville. “The joint venture with Wilmar will supply sustainable and traceable fat nutrition ingredients to help improve the productivity of livestock rearing across world markets.”

For Wilmar Europe Holdings BV, Napoleon Pefianco, managing director Napoleon Pefianco adds: “Wilmar and Volac both have an aspiration to set the agenda for sustainability.  Through the joint venture we will use our combined resources to develop sustainable feed ingredients globally, putting the joint venture at the leading edge of ethically sourced feed fat ingredients.”