Certis moves to new base in Cambridge

Certis, the off-patent crop protection specialist, has consolidated its UK operations into a single head office near Cambridge.

For the first time, all UK activities are based at one central office located at Granta Park in Abington, to the south east of Cambridge. This includes the Certis UK conventional chemistry business, formerly located in Wiltshire, and Certis BCP, the international business which specialises in the production and supply of bees and beneficial insects alongside integrated pest management (IPM) advice to growers. Certis BCP, which also develops new biopesticides, was previously based in offices at Abingdon, near Oxford.

All central management and finance functions are now located at Cambridge. The company has 23 UK staff, although some of the sales force is field-based.

Certis is majority owned by the Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co with a 65% stake, while Arysta and Nisso hold 15% shares and Kumiai Chemical Industry Co the remaining 5%.

Certis Europe covers six country markets and has its head office in the Netherlands. The product portfolio comprises a range of crop protection products that includes conventional chemistry, bio –chemistry and macro- and micro-biological products. The Europe business has annual revenues of €153 million, of which €21m is generated in the UK.

While Certis is perhaps best known for its speciality crop products, the company is growing its arable crop focus too – particularly molluscicides, herbicides and fungicide products for cereals, oilseed rape and potatoes. The most recent product launch was the straight flufenacet herbicide Sunfire for winter wheat and barley.