Traffordgold delivers three millionth tonne

The three millionth tonne of the Traffordgold cereal co-product for ruminant animal feed has been delivered to farm since the product was first marketed 15 years ago.

The material is a co-product from Cargill’s production plant in Manchester that processes wheat to extract starch, glucose syrups, gluten and alcohol.  The closed supply chain sees Frontier Agriculture supplying the raw material and KW, part of AB Agri, marketing the co-product. Traffordgold was first marketed as an alternative feed in October 2001.

“Traffordgold is a 50% dry matter, high energy (13.4MJ ME/kg DM), mid-protein (20% CP) cereal-gluten moist feed that contains high levels of digestible fibre, is highly palatable and offers better value than equivalent dry feeds,” states KW moist feed product manager Stuart Barton.

“Traffordgold was one of the first examples where multiple co-product streams from the human food and drink sector were specifically managed to produce a consistent specification animal feed.

“The product is easily clamped for storage, with no liquid run-off, and its value is well-proven both on-farm and in numerous independent university trials.”

 “Every single RABDF/NMR Gold Cup winner for the past five years has fed Traffordgold, and KW has delivered more than 114,000 loads of Traffordgold onto UK farms since it was introduced,” Mr Barton continues. “With pressure across all sectors to reduce feed costs per unit of output, that demand looks set to remain high as UK livestock farmers continue to seek better value feeds.”

Posted on February 11, 2016 and filed under Feed, Company News.