AB Agri expands into alternative feed proteins

AB Agri has acquired a Danish specialist feed product manufacturer as part of its strategy to bring high tech feed proteins to the global market.

The business has bought AgroKorn, established in 1994, for its portfolio of animal, fish and vegetable feed proteins, vitamins and minerals, feed acids, calf milk replacers and premixes aimed at livestock, pet animal and aquaculture markets. AgroKorn also made feed additives for mink farming operations, but this is not part of the deal – the activity will continue at separate premises under a new identity.

AgroKorn was established in 1994 and is based at Skjernvej in North West Denmark. Its 30 employees will continue to trade with their present brand under the commercial leadership of sales and R&D director Dennis Jørgensen.  Its new owner intends to invest in the Danish site.

AB Agri says it is particularly interested in AgroKorn’s new generation feed proteins, as demand grows for quality protein feed ingredients with a strong technological component.  The Danish business has developed a process involving heat, mechanical treatment and enzymes to reduce the anti-nutritional factors in soya and improve its digestibility to fishmeal levels, which is marketed as Alphasoy 530 and 510. It believes this process also has the potential to improve the quality of oilseed and pulse crops and their co-products.

Export potential is also important – AB Agri plans to develop new markets for the Alphasoy range across South East Asia, Latin America and its key European regions. At the same time, it will use its sales networks across 70 country markets to develop the sales potential of AgroKorn’s premix and milk replacer lines.

 “As a business, and as an industry, we are working hard produce more food for more people using fewer resources,” notes AB Agri chief executive David Yiend. ” The expertise and capability of the AB Agri team, allied to AgroKorn’s, will accelerate our mission to move agriculture further forward.

“As AB Agri continues its rapid growth, our culture of curiosity and entrepreneurship will see us bring even more technically-advanced products and services to market to support the livestock, aqua and pet sectors, and indeed the entire agri-food supply chain from farmer to retailer. We are confident that our new generation proteins platform has the potential to benefit the worldwide industry.”

For AgroKorn, Mr Jørgensen adds: “AgroKorn has established strong commercial relationships within Denmark, and has increasingly been seeking markets outside of the country.

“This development means we will be supported by the resources and skills of AB Agri and its parent, Associated British Foods plc. Alternative proteins have excellent potential in the livestock industry, and we look forward to combining the commercial capabilities of AgroKorn and AB Agri to expand into new international markets with our product portfolio.”

Posted on February 9, 2016 and filed under Feed, Company News, Top Story.