Functional feed ingredients discussed

The 2016 BAFSAM conference, to be held in Solihull on Thursday April 28th, will consider functional feed ingredients and their place in future animal feeds. 

Speakers at the event will include Jörg Seifert, secretary general of Fefana, who will discuss Fefana’s view of feed additives and functional ingredients; Karen Pratt of the Food Standards Agency, talking about feed regulation in the UK and how this might change, and Philippe Becquet, a member of the management board of the Specialty Feed Ingredients Sustainability Project, presenting on the role of additives in sustainable livestock production. Papers presented at the event will be available on the BAFSAM website immediately after the conference.

 Tickets are free for one representative of BAFSAM member companies, and £60 for additional BAFSAM members or non-members. 

More details from Geoff Brown on 07584 226049, email

Posted on March 30, 2016 and filed under Feed, EU Policy & Regulation.