Senior changes at Alltech

Feed additive and supplement manufacturer Alltech has appointed Fergal McAdam to the post of general manager for the UK. He replaces Graeme Smith, who left the company last autumn to work in human nutrition consultancy.

Mr McAdam, from a dairy farming background in Ireland, started his career at Lakeland Dairies, a major Irish dairy processing co-operative. He has worked at Alltech for the past nine years, managing key accounts in Ireland and as sales manager for Northern Ireland.

As general manager for the UK, Mr McAdam will manage the UK team, liaising closely with feed compounders and farmers throughout the market.

“We are delighted to have Fergal leading the team here in the UK, says Alltech’s global chief executive Alric Blake. “Fergal possesses huge market knowledge and has a long track record in the agricultural arena. I have every confidence Fergal will lead our sales team in providing outstanding service to our customers across the UK and Northern Ireland.”

Mr McAdam adds: “I look forward to working with our diligent and dedicated team in delivering superior value to our customers.  I aim to further develop this market for the benefit of our customers.”

• Former UK general manager Ian Leach has returned to Europe after a period in North America. In early 2013 he moved to Manitoba, Canada as director of East-Man Feeds (EMF), the feed manufacturing business working in strategic alliance with Alltech, moving on to become director of Alltech Canada. His new role is European director for protein products.

Posted on March 24, 2016 and filed under People, Feed.