Full Group 1 for RAGT Illustrious

RGT Illustrious, the RAGT Seeds wheat variety listed as a provisional Group 1 type in the 2016/17 AHDB Recommended List, now has full nabim Group 1 approval.

The variety has a 4% higher yield than Solstice, with excellent all-round disease resistance that includes the Pch1 eyespot resistance gene and a 6 rating against Septoria. Millers have reported baking consistency at a range of different protein contents.

“With its superb baking performance over a range of proteins and an exceptional disease profile, RGT Illustrious will truly deliver for the farmer and miller,” says the company. “RGT Illustrious is one of the most exciting milling wheats to come out of UK breeding since Hereward. It makes an ideal partner for Skyfall, offering growers the chance to grow a portfolio of quality wheats producing feed wheat yields. It suits early drilling and helps spread the harvest workload, and its exceptional quality will secure a ready market.”

Posted on March 31, 2016 and filed under Plant Breeding, Seeds.