New seed manager for Hutchinsons

Crop production specialist Hutchinson has appointed David Bouch as its national seed manager (designate).  He will work alongside the company’s current national seeds manager, Colin Button, until his retirement in 2017 after 18 years in the business.

Mr Bouch has over 31 years experience in the UK farming industry. He joined Dalgety Arable as regional business manager in 1998, moving to become seed sales manager in 2009 under Masstock Arable’s ownership. In February 2011 he became national seed manager, a position he retained as Masstock and UAP merged into Agrii in early 2012.

He believes there are significant opportunities within the seed sector as innovative seed technologies develop.  Investment in genetic improvement through conventional and hybrid techniques is already demonstrating that yield, quality and characteristics such as disease ratings and lodging scores can progress significantly now and in the future.

Much of this investment originates in the multinational research and development companies that have substantial investment capacity and for whom Hutchinsons is a leading UK partner. “Hutchinsons takes a dynamic, forward thinking approach to supporting growers in the production of quality crops in a sustainable and responsible manner,” notes Mr Bouch. “The seed sector is a vital part of this process and one that I very much enjoy being part of, and I look forward to leading the Hutchinsons seed business.”

Posted on March 31, 2016 .