BASF unveils new triazole fungicide

Agrochemical manufacturer BASF has applied for EU approval of a new triazole fungicide active ingredient.


The company has submitted a dossier for EU regulatory approval of its new fungicide Revysol, a move the business calls a major milestone in the product’s global development. BASF expects first sales to be made at the end of this decade, describing the product as “an innovative active ingredient with outstanding field performance against many fungal pathogens”.      

“Undoubtedly, Revysol will be another striking compound that delivers significant benefits to farmers around the globe,” says Markus Heldt, president of BASF’s Crop Protection division. “As farmers continue to need product diversity for mixing or alternating mode of actions, Revysol is set to play a vital role in future resistance management recommendations.

 “Our ability to develop such an excellent molecule definitely flags our leadership position in fungicides,” Mr Heldt continues. “Fungicides from the triazole chemical class have proven their value against diseases that can severely damage crops and compromise the quality of farmers’ harvests, such as Septoria tritici and rust in cereals. Nonetheless, no new molecule with this mode of action has been introduced to the market for more than ten years, thus increasing the risk of resistance and leaving farmers with few alternatives for disease control.”

BASF values its crop protection pipeline at some €3 billion over the next decade. It invested €514 million crop protection R&D in 2015, and expects to have new products launched for all crop protection indications by 2025.

As well as conventional pesticides, it is also developing functional crop care products such as the nitrogen management product Limus launched last year. 

Posted on April 1, 2016 .