Cut EU red tape to help livestock industry, urges FEFAC

European compound feed manufacturers’ trade body FEFAC is calling on EU policy makers to remove red tape, reduce administrative burdens and end legislative obstacles to help European livestock farmers through the present market crisis. FEFAC says that despite livestock farmers investing in R&D to improve feed efficiency, falls in prices have thrust the livestock industry into a crisis situation.  

FEFAC’s action follows moves by the European Commission to activate special measures to support livestock farmers, such as increasing the amount of state aid member states can pay farmers, funding promotional campaigns, lifting disproportionate sanitary measures and investigating an export credit scheme to supplement national schemes. FEFAC has also repeated its demand for the DG Agri Task Force on Agricultural Markets to probe all EU regulatory measures that contribute to higher feed costs. It highlights the rising costs of official control as an area worthy of investigation. 

“The Commission needs to put an end to legislative developments that undermine the competitiveness of European feed manufacturers and livestock producers,” states FEFAC president Ruud Tijssens. “The GMO ‘opt-out’ proposal for food and feed imports is the prime example of recent legislative action that jeopardises livestock farmers’ access to competitive feed supplies.”

Posted on April 13, 2016 and filed under EU Policy & Regulation, Feed.