First protected dairy fats from Volac Wilmar

Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients has launched two new supplements formulated to improve the milk fat percentage in dairy cows. 


Mega-Fat 88 and Mega-Fat Extra are rumen-protected products with a high concentration of C16 or palmitic fatty acids. These have been proven to improve milk fat production. The two new products are the first to be sourced through Volac Wilmar, the joint venture between Volac and Singapore’s Wilmar International announced in July last year.

Mega-Fat 88 contains 88% milk fat-stimulating C16 fatty acids, with the balance primarily from C18:0 fatty acids as an additional energy source. Uniquely for this type of product, it has a minimal concentration of low melting point fatty acids. Mega-Fat Extra offers an even higher concentration of the target C16 fatty acids at 97%. Both products are supplied in dry, free-flowing prill form, with high melting points to ensure rumen protection and product stability.  

Neil Birkett of Volac Wilmar says: “Fat is an essential dietary nutrient and is the highest energy ingredient available. Both Mega-Fat 88 and Mega-Fat Extra are rich in C16 fatty acids which are proven to be efficiently absorbed by the udder and to stimulate milk fat production.

“Being rumen-protected, the new fat products avoid disruption to fibre digestion and, since they are not fermented, they don’t add to the rumen acid load; consequently this allows energy in the diet to be cost effectively stepped up without increasing the risk of acidosis.” 

Further information from Neil Birkett on 01223 20802.