Alamo merges two farm equipment brands

Farm machinery manufacturer The Alamo Group is to merge two of its longest established equipment brands into a single division.


From May 1st, it will merge Twose of Tiverton, which can trace its history back to 1830, and McConnel, which was established in 1935, into a new specialist Grassland & Arable Machinery division.

The move will combine Twose’s comprehensive range of cultivation and farm machinery, including the market-leading range of folding rollers, with McConnel’s arable and seeding machinery portfolio into a single source of agricultural and green maintenance machinery products. This will increase the number of dealers in the UK and overseas for both brands, while simplifying operations through a single technical and sales team.

All Grassland & Arable machinery will be produced at the Alamo Manufacturing Service’s multi-million pound production facility at Salford Priors, whilst the hedge and verge cutting machinery will continue to be manufactured at the Ludlow factory.

“The bringing together of two of our famous brands, adding in new products, the establishment of a new specialist sales and technical support teams, increasing the availability of our products more locally will bring huge benefits to all of our customers worldwide,” saysAlamo Group Europe – UK Agricultural Division’s general manager Christian Davies.    

Posted on April 22, 2016 and filed under Company News.