Non-metazachlor Clearfield herbicide from BASF

BASF has introduced Cleravo, a new non-metazachlor herbicide to its Clearfield production system for oilseed rape. 


Cleravo contains the active ingredients imazamox and quinmerac, and will control brassica weeds including charlock, runch and hedge mustard. It will also control any cereal volunteers, bromes, wild-oats and rye-grass present at spraying. 

The company’s Clearfield system features hybrid rape seed varieties conventionally bred to tolerate Clearfield herbicides. The herbicides include Cleranda (imazamox and metazachlor) and Clesima (imazamox, metazachlor and quinmerac). BASF says that applying a Clearfield herbicide to a Clearfield rape variety means enhanced weed control and a thriving crop. It is also useful if charlock or runch have prevented rape being grown in certain fields.  

Cleravo will suit all establishment systems, says BASF, as it is post-emergence. It is not affected by the metazachlor stewardship guidelines that apply to Cleranda and Clesima, but will control weeds to the same level. It can be applied as a single shot, with timing flexibility and a wide window that can suit farm workloads.  

William Reyer of BASF says: “We are very excited to bring this new Clearfield herbicide to the market, having developed a unique mixture that allows conscientious farmers to continue growing oilseed rape whilst still being able to adhere to the metazachlor stewardship guidelines. This is not just another product but a solution to an increasing issue facing growers.” 

More information from BASF technical services on 0845 6022553. 

Posted on May 26, 2016 and filed under Crop Protection Products, Products and Services.